OLOP Announcements


Update on Seating in Churches and Community Center. With the social distancing of 6’ front, back and on either side of a person, the seating at Mt. Carmel Church has been updated to 51 seats and not 110 as previously estimated. Thus, seating capacity in each of the churches and community center, following the appropriate social distancing is 120 in the Community Center, 60 in St. Joseph Church, 51 in Mt. Carmel Church and 50 in Mother of Sorrows Church. If there is an overflow at any of the Masses, the Mass will be broadcast on a FM station to the parking lot. Those in the parking lot will be able to enter the church/community center to receive Holy Communion. All are asked to wear masks and follow social distancing in pew/seats and for the Communion Procession. You are reminded that there is a risk in gathering in any crowd whether that be for Mass or shopping for groceries. You need to take this into consideration whenever you go out due to Covid-19 being an active and dangerous virus.

May 17, 2020


17 de mayo de 2020